In this episode, Host Ron Eddings catches up with repeat guest, Gary Hayslip, CISO at SoftBank Investment Advisors and co-author of CISO Desk Reference guide. Gary explains that the varied nature of his current CISO role contrasts with the broader industry trends. He discusses how that nature plays into the CISO hiring process and career path, as well as how his books are helping to bridge the gap among professionals. 

Impactful Moments:

00:00 – Welcome 

00:59 – Introducing guest, Gary Hayslip 

01:38 – The Path to Becoming a CISO 

08:04 – CSO vs CISO 

10:47 – “I’m firing you…” 

15:03 – Interviewing for the CISO role 

17:56 – Join Our Mastermind 

18:39 – Being ‘Mr. Maybe’ 

21:41 – CISO- A Day in the Life 

24:50 – Using Books to Pave the Way