For those that want to explore a career in cybersecurity, we first want to say, “Welcome, we need the help!” This is a career dedicated to a mission to protect. At the same time, it is very rewarding. Both in knowing that what you do makes a difference and, frankly, unmatched job security. The cybersecurity field has many more positions available than qualified candidates.

In the CISO Desk Reference Guide: Develop Your Cybersecurity Career Path, we’ll show you how to break into cybersecurity at any level. Whether you are just starting out and are looking for an entry level position or want to translate many years of experience to the right level, this book will help. We start at the beginning of your journey and help you determine if this is the right field for you. Then we give you’re the tools to conduct a self-assessment to see how you stack up to the requirements of the field. After the self-assessment, we transition to your human network, the job search itself and then guide you through the transition into your cybersecurity career.