At IBM, Christopher Scott works in the Office of the CISO as the Director of Security Innovation and is responsible for enhancing IBM’s security posture by applying technology and automation to protect the organization. He was previously the global remediation lead for IBM X-Force, leading response and remediation efforts for some of the most complex and large incidents for IBM clients, including the WannaCry and NotPetya attacks.

With more than 20 years of experience, Christopher has designed and delivered comprehensive proactive security programs for the world’s largest organizations and led incident response teams for several major data breach investigations.

Prior to joining IBM, Christopher was a director at CrowdStrike where he led incident response and remediation engagements. Christopher also spent more than 15 years working for L-3 Communications, where he discovered his passion for security after working tirelessly to secure the organization.


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Cyber Crisis Response introduces the SONAR Method™

Cyber Crisis Response introduces the SONAR Method™, a proven, proprietary framework for responding to and managing a range of cyber incidents, from singular events to the most complex cyber breaches and crises. Crisis response is complex, using the SONAR Method™ will help any practitioner take control of the incident before it escalates out of control.