Chris Foulon began his journey in Cybersecurity more than 20 years ago as a teenager with nothing more than a passion for helping and a young person’s curiosity. He has worked his way up through the ranks, beginning as a technician, then taking on roles with greater and great responsibility, to now being the Senior Manager for Cybersecurity and Technology Risk Oversight at Capital One, one of the nation’s largest and technically sophisticated banks.

Chris’ owes his career success to his ability to solve for security risk while never losing sight of the toll security practice has on business process. Keeping this duel mandate in mind, he has been able to help his companies increase their resilience while minimizing friction.

Over the course of his career, Chris has gained considerable experience in recruiting and hiring, and together with his co-author, Renee Small, hosts a weekly podcast Breaking Into Cybersecurity. In addition to the weekly podcast, Chris shares his experience with others as an Adjunct Professor at Bellevue University and for the last 4 years as the Information Technology Co-Sector Chief for InfraGardNCR.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Information systems and a Master of Science in Information Technology focused on Cybersecurity from Walden University.

Why I chose Cybersecurity as my field: I choose cybersecurity as a career because I kept seeing how insecurely people behaved at home and at work, and how that affected society at large. I hope that small changes in behaviors and actions can have a ripple effect on society and help make it a more safe and secure space for us all.

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