Cyber Crisis Response introduces the SONAR Method™, a proven, proprietary framework for responding to and managing a range of cyber incidents, from singular events to the most complex cyber breaches and crises. Crisis response is a complex undertaking that requires the coordination of multiple, often conflicting, activities. No playbook replaces experience and critical thinking. Using the SONAR Method™ will help any practitioner:

● Understand how to stabilize an environment during a cyber attack
● Learn how to organize the team and resources needed to resolve the situation
● Facilitate negotiations across a wide variety of stakeholders involved in the crisis
● Discover how to effectively articulate and communicate the situation and resolution across a multitude of stakeholders
● Develop the specific action plan required to remediate and recover from the incident

Written by experts who have lived in the trenches of response, this book describes many of the common pitfalls and their battle-tested solutions. There is no better way to learn than to do it yourself but understanding the lessons others have learned is essential to help you prepare.