Webroot CISO Gary Hayslip Discusses Differences Between Public and Private CISO Roles in Techwire Articles

Gary Hayslip, VP and CISO of Webroot and NTSC Advisory Board Member, recently published a pair of articles in Techwire that discuss the nuanced differences between a public and private sector CISO’s roles and responsibilities. His commentary, So, You Want to Be a CISO, taps into Hayslip’s experience as both a federal government and large municipality CISO. He talks about public sector CISO budgeting, working with the CIO, maneuvering through existing departmental relationships, procuring, and dealing with lags in technology investments. His other article, A Career CISO’s 7 Observations on Public vs. Private Sector, compares these two different sectors in terms of how CISOs show value, offer cyber as a continuous service, leverage their respective organizational cultures, and develop the wins needed to establish a foothold within the organization.