CISO DRG is pleased to announce publication of the second edition of Creating a Small Business Cybersecurity Program: A Non-Technical Guide for Small Business Owners.

After the first edition of this book was initially published in July 2020, using the CIS Controls® version 7.1, the CIS Controls® underwent a major update to version 8, issued in May 2021. The new version emphasizes the three Implementation Groups and expanded Implementation Group 1 (IG1), which applies primarily to small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). Another change in v.8 is having only 18 primary controls rather than 20. The Controls v.7.1 started with 43 Safeguards for IG1, then through revision, realignment, or incorporation into other Safeguards; IG1 v.8 has 56 Safeguards. These Safeguards are the key to achieving the security objectives identified in the overall CIS Controls®.

This Second Edition has incorporated the v.8 Safeguards into the book’s content, so that small business owners can follow simple, step-by-step approach to implementing these new safeguards in their company. Other changes are also included in the edition to bring the information up-to-date and provide new guidance on best industry practices.