CISO DRG Publishing is pleased to announce the availability of Creating a Small Business Cybersecurity Program, the second book in the CISO Desk Reference Guide® Small Business Series in paperback and eBook formats. This book was written by Alan Watkins to help a small business of 25 to 500 employees build a practical cybersecurity program. In addition to his career as an educator and consultant, Alan was part of the small international team that updated the 20 CIS Controls® from v.6.1 to v.7 and then v.7.1, as well as helping create the implementation groups, which are featured in the book.

Whether this is your first cybersecurity program or you are formalizing policies that grew organically over time, the risk-informed approach explained by Alan will help you integrate your program with your business needs and develop a practical program that will not only help you secure your company, but also provide clarity and direction in decision making for security priorities. The recommendations in the book are customizable to fit within your business culture.

Congratulations Alan, we are proud to have Creating a Small Business Cybersecurity Program in our growing catalog.