The CISO DRG Buyer’s Guide

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We’re often asked how the various books in our portfolio fit together. We categorize our books by series.

Our Foundation Series, which includes the iconic CISO Desk Reference Guide, Volumes 1 and 2, and the Executive Primer do the heavy lifting for the CISO role, from assessing your program to becoming more resilient and developing a strategic plan. The CISO Desk Reference Guide was published as a two-volume set. The Executive Primer is written to include the CISO’s colleagues and provide a C-suite perspective for both the security function and security executives.

The Governance Series addresses topics such as privacy, vendor management, security compliance and other elements of sound cyber governance. The first book in the series, Data Privacy Program Guide, provides key insights and practical guidance for Chief Privacy Officers and privacy leaders throughout the organization. We’ll be adding additional titles as time permits, next up is a book to address vendor management and third-party risk.

The Practitioner Series is intended for the CISO, their direct staff, and all practitioners of cybersecurity in the firm who need to understand critical processes at an in-depth level. Our first book in this series is Develop Your Cybersecurity Career Path, which goes in-depth about breaking into cyber at any level. Straight out of school, transitioning from a military career or doing a mid-career transition, this book is for you. We’ll be adding additional titles, including books on incident management, threat intel and looking at infamous breaches to learn how to learn how to be more resistant to attack.

The Small Business Series provides material essential for leaders without the resources of larger companies who still have valuable businesses to protect. There are three books in this series. The Essential Guide to Cybersecurity for SMBs is written for leaders tasked with protecting small businesses. Creating a Small Business Cybersecurity Program helps small businesses, typically with 50 or more employees, build their first formal program. And finally, Bring Your Own Cyber is written for very small businesses, such as law offices, doctors and dentists, real estate brokers, trades, and retail shops with a dozen employees or less, and explains the basics to allow even the smallest companies to better protect themselves from cyber threats.

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Purchase options by title:

Foundation Books

The CISO Desk Reference Guide, Volume 1, 2nd Edition

Amazon (paperback and Kindle)     Apple (iBook)             Kobo (ePub)

The CISO Desk Reference Guide, Volume 2

Amazon (paperback and Kindle)       Apple (iBook)             Kobo (ePub)

CISO Desk Reference Guide Executive Primer

Amazon (paperback, hardcover,  and Kindle)       Apple (iBook)             Kobo (ePub)

Governance Series

Data Privacy Program Guide: How to Build a Privacy Program that Inspires Trust

Amazon (paperback, hardcover,  and Kindle)       Apple (iBook)             Kobo (ePub)

Practitioner Series

Develop Your Cybersecurity Career Path: How to Break into Cybersecurity at Any Level

Amazon (paperback,hardcover and Kindle)       Apple (iBook)             Kobo (ePub)

Small Business Series

The Essential Guide to Cybersecurity for SMBs

Amazon (paperback and Kindle)     Apple (iBook)             Kobo (ePub)

Creating a Small Business Cybersecurity Program

Amazon (paperback, hardcover, and Kindle)       Apple (iBook)             Kobo (ePub)

Bring Your Own Cyber: A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Basic Network Security

Amazon (paperback,hardcover, and Kindle)       Apple (iBook)             Kobo (ePub)