Praise for Volume 1

“CISO Desk Reference Guide is a one-of-a-kind reference – well-structured that should be easily understood by techies and non-techies alike (especially the finance and legal types – who probably need this more than the CISOs).  Great work!”

RADM (Ret) Kenneth D. Slaght
Co-Chair and President
Cyber Center Of Excellence


“Bill Bonney, Gary Hayslip and Matt Stamper have managed to successfully explain the role of the CISO and have provided insights and straightforward, practical suggestions for strengthening your cybersecurity programs. This book should be required reading for every CISO or those aspiring to become one.

The best book ever written on the role of a modern day CISO. Ground breaking with insights and advice on every page, The CISO Desk Reference Guide is a major contribution to the industry.”

Jane Frankland
Founder of Cyber Security Capital, Board Advisor ClubCISO


“This is an excellent desk reference for new and established CISOs who are increasingly challenged by advancing threats, standards, and regulations. The organization of the book, where each of the three authors provide their own thoughts on many important topics, illustrates the fact that the challenges faced by CISO don’t have single, pat answers. Readers can consider the book to be written mentorship by three active CISOs.”

Peter H Gregory
Executive Director, National Security Advisory Firm


“…The book is unique, as the reader gets the opinion on each topic from the three authors independently.  For the reader, it’s like having a private conversation with experts in the field on the readers’ timeline … in short, when really needed….

Frequently, though experts are supportive of the need for standards and the fact that having some are very helpful, they often express dismay that standards are blind to context … this book is exactly what is needed to take that challenge head-on.” (read Dr. Callahan’s extensive review here)

Winnie Callahan, EdD
Director, University of San Diego Center for Cyber Security Engineering and Technology


“Essential reading for both aspiring and incumbent Chief Information Security Officers, the CISO Desk Reference Guide fills a critical gap in the information security common body of knowledge.

The Chief Information Security Officer has emerged as a key role in forward-thinking organizations that are keenly aware of the existential threat that cyber risks now pose. The authors of the CISO Desk Reference Guide grasp that reality and use their many years of experience to provide a ton of practical advice about how to function effectively in this role.

The unique multi-author approach of the CISO Desk Reference Guide has produced a wealth of insight into the complex and challenging role of Chief Information Security Officer, a role that increasingly anchors organizational risk management in all things cyber and digital. 

From the excellent discussion of the evolving CISO role and how best to embed it in the organization, to fundamentals like data classification and controls, to advice on tools and techniques, the CISO Desk Reference Guide delivers multiple perspectives on the foundations of organizational cybersecurity.

I wholeheartedly recommend the CISO Desk Reference Guide to anyone who is or wants to become a Chief Information Security Officer.”

Stephen Cobb, CISSP
Senior Security Researcher, ESET North America.


“This is a fantastic resource for every security professional seeking to improve their skills and their careers.  The structure of the guide works extremely well for readers who want a deep-dive and those who are seeking just the answers or a quick refresher with the key points at the end of each chapter.  It’s rare to find a treasure trove of knowledge like this. I look forward to Volume 2.”

Vickie Miller
Chief Information Security Officer


“Tremendous value. Insightful and impactful for any organization, any executive and any board. Ties the criticality of managing risk to the need to be a part of the core business in a mature and commonsense way. This should help organizations futureproof their business with concepts and frameworks that are relevant today and for tomorrow.”

Mark Wales
Vice President, 30+ year industry veteran and board member of the Workforce Institute


“I strongly recommend this unique, applicable, and much needed CISO guide. The three authors, all proven CISOs as well as leaders, have taken a very unique approach to creating the CISO Desk Reference Guide, tackling real world issues, but not by each taking a section and sharing their knowledge, but by all three providing relevant input on each topic. Their differences in viewpoints, experience, and writing styles provide more than a single perspective or solution; they provide a rich and diverse foundation for the reader to process information and draw conclusions that best meet their needs, honing critical thinking! 

 I recommend this book for experienced CISOs who want fresh thinking on current topics, new CISOs who want to learn from the best, or others in information security and risk management who desire a greater foundation on the complex world of CISOs.”

Todd Friedman
Chief Information Security Officer


“The CISO Desk Reference Guide” is a useful tool written with a unique tri-perspective of three authors.  The diversity in perspectives is powerful in that it demonstrates there is never just one solution to any situation, yet it provides great examples and things to ponder for the reader.”

Gabriele Benis
Former Vice President of Audit
Intuit, Inc.


“The field of Information Security & compliance is complex at the very least. And the job of “CISO” still a mystery to most boards and CEO’s. However, three icons in the cybersecurity community, Bill Bonney, Gary Hayslip, and Matt Stamper took a very complex subject matter and through the use of what they call “Tri-Perspective” take on each practical subject matter, and truly makes it a “CISO’s Desk Reference Guide”! The call to action with the five immediate “Next Steps”. Will be a great comfort to those new CISO’s that walk into the job the first day, “with a deer in headlights mentality”! Not because they are not qualified but because the job of CISO, in most companies is still being defined.  And this desk reference book will be a great resource for the CEO, Board and CISO.”

David W. Rooker, CISSP
Chief Information Security Officer
Actian Corporation

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