Chapter 18


While drafting and editing the material for this book, we thought we could offer additional value by providing an essay on each topic by all three authors, independently edited, to preserve their unique perspective and voice.

It is a technique that was intended to provide multiple viewpoints that would both explore the topics more thoroughly and provide options for readers to use these different viewpoints to help them solve different problems depending on their needs at the time.

We appreciate your tolerance with our construct and hope we’ve achieved what we intended. In this final chapter, we’ve decided to stitch together our combined perspective and present an integrated essay on building your strategic plan.

Some of the questions the authors used to frame their thoughts for this chapter include:

·       What components should the CISO use in developing their cybersecurity strategic plan?

·       How should the CISO align their strategic plan to the organization’s business objectives?

·       What steps can the CISO use to leverage the cybersecurity strategic plan for future growth?

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