Chapter 16


There is a fine line between incident response and recovery and resuming operations. To some extent, that line is only academically useful. The authors have covered many of the discrete activities in resuming operations in Chapter 14. Nonetheless, there is some discipline that is helpful in the immediate aftermath, both to make sure the incident is really resolved, and to learn and improve for a better response to the next incident.

Bill highlights two discrete activities that can be thought of as specific to resuming operations. First, it is important to realize that outside of the family of ransomware attacks, a major objective of a modern attack is persistence. Verifying that the recovered asset is truly back to acceptable baseline takes planning and diligence. Second, as is the case while the incident is underway, communication during the recovery phase is also critical. All stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, law enforcement, and employees, need to know what is expected of them.

Matt takes the reader through a hypothetical situation that a healthcare provider, in this case, a hospital, might face. He recognizes that for many people reading this book, you might not have been through an incident before and may not have inherited a mature program. He uses that hypothetical to challenge the reader to be capturing lessons while in the moment with an eye toward building the muscle memory that the organization will need to improve operational resilience.

Gary provides a series of planning guides to help the reader prepare for the inevitable and then walks the reader through the activities. The reader should find it helpful to see how the planning is put to use and benefit from the reminders about critical information to capture in the moment. As Gary has pointed out throughout his essays, the CISO can never stop learning. That learning discipline is what allows the CISO to continue to push their organization to improve.

Some of the questions the authors used to frame their thoughts for this chapter include:

·       What steps should an organization take to prepare for a data breach?

·       During a data breach, what operations should the CISO be aware of and possibly manage as a member of the organization’s business continuity effort and leader of the incident response team?

·       What steps should be followed to resume normal operations and resume data breach management efforts?

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