Chapter 10


We begin Volume 2 with a discussion about people. As you strive to create a world-class cybersecurity program, you must recognize and address the critical human element. We look at the human element from several different perspectives. We include the technical skills that are required and how to assess them; motivating, inspiring and nurturing the people on your team; and understanding the environmental factors that impact your talent pool and your hiring decisions.

Bill Bonney offers a lot of practical advice on assessing, recruiting, motivating and developing the people on the CISO’s team. But he also recommends an honest assessment of the tasks that can realistically be outsourced to third parties and proposes that you look at how technology, specifically artificial intelligence, can help you be more effective in meeting your goals. Bill includes a bit of a call to arms for our industry to address the shortfall of qualified candidates.

Matt Stamper suggests that CISOs should carefully consider how they define each position. It is essential that requirements and job descriptions are realistic and appeal to the people you are trying to attract. Matt also thoughtfully unpacks several factors, both internal and external to the organization, which impact the composition of the talent pool for any particular hire.

Gary Hayslip takes a data-driven approach to workforce planning that acknowledges the fierce competition for talent in the field of cybersecurity and offers practical advice for motivating the people on your team. He continues using data to define a set of metrics to help the CISO determine if the talent on the team is delivering the outcomes that are needed and to help develop the training necessary to close any gaps.

Some of the questions the authors used to frame their thoughts for this chapter include:

·       How do CISOs develop their hiring priorities to support the organization and their cybersecurity program effectively?

·       What hard and soft skills does the CISO believe their cybersecurity program requires?

·       How can I construct a training program that will keep my team’s knowledge, skills, and techniques current?

·       What metrics can I use to measure the effectiveness of my cybersecurity team’s capabilities to provide security services and reduce risk to the organization?

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