Throughout Volume 1 of the CISO Desk Reference Guide, we’ve sought to provide you with practical advice, grounded in best practice, that you can start to implement immediately. It is our hope that the questions we have used to frame our thoughts throughout this book served to stimulate your thinking and that the key points and actions in the summaries give you a starting point for improving your organization’s cybersecurity program.

 As Gary Hayslip is fond of saying, cybersecurity is a contact sport. We encourage you to immediately begin to build your human network by engaging with your peers within your organization and with your colleagues in the broader cybersecurity community. The San Diego model is highly collaborative and completely self-organized, but every region has ample opportunities to meet and form relationships with leaders and experts. Seek them out, it will be well worth your time.

 With Volume 1, we’ve helped the CISO lay the foundation for an effective cybersecurity program. Volume 2 will help CISOs mature their program and address topics such as talent management and education to help you strengthen your team, approaches to monitoring, threat intelligence and backups and planning, and finally setting up programs for incident management, communications, recovery and forensics.

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